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Your partner in quantifying geological variability and uncertainty


We focus on providing expert advice and practical help that quantifies geological variability and reduces risk. We utilise ARANZ Geo products to improve geological understanding and improve decision making.

We have held senior geologist positions with many of the major exploration and mining companies; this depth of experience enables us to hit the ground running. Excellent interpersonal skills mean that technical, trustworthy solutions are communicated clearly and concisely.

Expertise includes geology, geostatistics and geometallurgy from exploration through to mine production and reconciliation.

Our services span the mining value chain:

  • Variability studies: Characterisation of orebody variability and uncertainty to help understand and manage risk, from drilling through to the financial model.
  • Resource-related activities: Including geological interpretation, estimation, geostatistics, JORC Code, NI 43-101, SAMREC and US SEC reporting.
  • Geological modelling: Development of models using ARANZ Geo products and Strategic planning: Resource risk assessment, analysis, and project evaluation.
  • Operational reviews: Resource risk assessment, analysis, and project evaluation.
  • Operational reviews: Assessment of operational performance, including the integration of geology and planning activities, plan implementation and compliance, delivering performance objectives and meeting product specifications. This includes identifying cross-discipline defects and barriers that prevent full value realisation.
  • Resource audits: Rapid reviews or in-depth audits of your resource and reserve estimates, examining processes and implementation to assess resource/reserve-related risk.
  • Grade control: Mine geology audits, review of drillhole spacing, sampling programmes, parameter optimisation, ore accounting, reconciliation and best practice procedures.
  • Responsive and time critical technical expertise: Rapid technical opinion for time-critical projects.
  • Portfolio rationalisation and preparation for sale

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Training & Mentoring

Our skilled and highly qualified team deliver customised in-house training courses and mentoring programs that apply technical theory to real-world problems. We ensure a transfer of knowledge that enhances your operational outcomes.

Our trainers are all senior geologists who are highly experienced advisers and practitioners.

We tailor courses to meet your unique requirements, topics previously covered include:

  • Classification and public reporting under JORC.
  • Geometric models as inputs for resource estimation.
  • Implicit modelling: Theory and practice.
  • An overview of the mining industry: Mining for non-miners.
  • Data quality management: A practical guide.
  • Mentoring: Senior Mine Geologist to Superintendent.
  • Junior and Senior Mine Geologist up-skills training: geostatistics, grade control best practice, ore accounting and stockpile management.
  • Grade Control workshops.


Project assistance gives you access to Leapfrog masters to help with geological modelling. We’re available whenever you need us, from migrating your models to Leapfrog for the first time, to ongoing help and guidance to future proof your modelling.

Project assistance includes:

  • Migrating your existing models to Leapfrog, minimising changes in your domains and the impact on your resources and reserves. We can migrate your project from a GMP to Leapfrog or from Leapfrog Mining to Leapfrog Geo. We kick start your Leapfrog usage so you quickly experience the benefits.
  • Making long term models fully dynamic and appending short term data to provide a single source of truth that can feed into your operation’s long and short term activities.
  • Providing advice to optimise modelling processes, this includes process mapping of your project to reduce processing time without losing quality.
  • Fine-tuning your models and providing high level orientation to further optimise modelling.
  • Implementing Leapfrog Central model management across your organisation to support continuous modelling. Continuous modelling is the process of building multiple models to test multiple hypotheses and dynamically updating models as new data becomes available (sometimes daily).
  • In some locations we offer ‘hot desking’. Sit alongside a member of our team for the day and observe and ask questions.

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