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Introducing Leapfrog Works

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Introducing Leapfrog Works

Seequent are excited to announce the launch of Leapfrog® Works, which is now available globally. Leapfrog Works offers a pioneering solution for the Civil Engineering and Environmental industries.

Leapfrog Works is a revolutionary solution for understanding, visualising and communicating ground conditions. It is the only 3D subsurface modelling solution specifically designed for the Civil Engineering and Environmental industries.

As part of an ecosystem of user-centric solutions, Leapfrog helps reduce risk and keeps your projects on time and on budget by enabling better decision making.

“We are delighted that we can now bring a solution specifically developed for the Civil Engineering and Environmental markets. We have deep expertise in making sure our software evolves continuously to support geologists, hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers and environmental scientists to name a few, to solve real challenges and help their companies save time and money,” Seequent’s General Manager of Civil and Environmental Daniel Wallace says.

“Leapfrog Works stands out in the market because it’s paving the way in the Civil Engineering and Environmental sector. It’s a solution built for the industry, in collaboration with key industry experts,” says Wallace.

Leapfrog Works’ 3D geological models can be integrated with engineering designs or flow models, giving users the clarity and insight on how the geology will affect a project.

With digital transformation being a continued hot topic in the industry, Seequent are taking the bold step in advocating for technological advancement in order to create a sustainable future for the industry.

“The industry is undergoing a cultural shift towards digitisation and collaborative working. Leapfrog Works allows clients to see the bigger picture, and have the clarity and confidence to make better design and construction decisions; whether it’s for a road, a building, a dam, or a tunnel,” says Wallace.

So what’s different about Leapfrog Works?

Leapfrog Works is specifically designed for the Civil Engineering and Environment markets. It harnesses the power of the Leapfrog 3D engine, and repurposes it for the industry.

Leapfrog Works interfaces and exchanges information with diverse digital design and Building Information Modelling (BIM) and geotechnical database platforms. The optional hydrogeology solution kit also integrates with flow simulation packages.

And it offers flexible licencing options, making it accessible to everyone in the industry.

Want more information? Visit the website today.

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Leapfrog Works is available on a free, no obligation trial. Sign up today.

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