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ARANZ Geo products and services harness information to extract value, bring meaning and reduce risk. Our solutions turn complex data into geological understanding, provide timely insight and give decision makers confidence.

ARANZ Geo's core values are the ability to stride ahead, solve problems and reduce risk by getting immediate value from new information.  Our mission is to seek out and deliver exceptional business solutions that we can nurture to become game changers.

Reputation and influence

Our companies have the authority, reputation and relevance to influence others in their sector. We have integrity and pursue better ways of working.

Lean and adaptable

Our products and services are lean, adaptable and responsive, a key advantage in today's fast paced  world. Our agility is in stark contrast to our lumbering competitors.

We are focused on helping our customers overcome problems and attain long-term business goals.  We take a holistic approach to problem solving, stepping outside the box and looking at things differently.

Mining, energy and environmental industries

ARANZ Geo companies operate wherever a well validated understanding of the constraints of geology is required. Our products and services are used in the mining, energy and environmental industries.

Corporate citizenship

ARANZ Geo is passionate about education and actively contributes to the academic community by giving free and highly discounted Leapfrog licences to universities throughout the world. We encourage students to publish and share their work in our online academic library.

ARANZ Geo looks for opportunities to apply its skills for the greater good, from working with the United Nations Environmental Programme to smaller more localised support.


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A unique blend of expertise

Prior to 2004 – Interpolation technology

The idea for implicit modelling, the technology behind Leapfrog, came about from research that Co-Founder and ExecutiveA Director Rick Fright carried out in New Zealand. The research was to automate the design and production of titanium plates for neuroscience. Working with mathematician Rick Beatson from the University of Canterbury and Engineering Ph.D. student Jonathan Carr, they produced mathematics and software to interpolate the shape of the skull across the void of the missing area, the same way Leapfrog now models topographies. Australian mining consultancy SRK assisted in applying the technology to geology and the mining industry. In 2004 ARANZ Geo was formed to market and develop the technology. Find out more about about the technology behind Leapfrog.

2004 – Leapfrog

In 2004 Leapfrog 3D geological modelling software was born. Leapfrog's fast, dynamic and intuitive capabilities sparked a paradigm shift in the geological modelling world. Leapfrog now has thousands of users and is relied on by the top mining and exploration firms, the geothermal energy industry and the environmental industry. Find out more about Leapfrog.

2014 – QG

QG became an ARANZ Geo company in 2014. Trusted and well respected, they built a reputation on providing premium mining industry consulting in the Australian and North American markets. Services focused on geoscience, with an emphasis on bringing clarity amid complexity.

2016 – Bloy

Bloy became an ARANZ Geo company in 2016. One of the world’s only product specialists in the grade control field, they develop and support Blockbuster®, a full-featured, off-the-shelf grade control solution which manages daily updates to resource models and mine plans. Find out more about Bloy.

2016 – 3Point Science

3Point Science became an ARANZ Geo company in 2016. It is a specialist in cloud solutions and geophysics and in creating highly engaging 3D data visualisation. 3Point is an independent ARANZ Geo development team focused on cloud-based solutions and new market sectors. Find out more about 3Point Science.