Our Company

Application Specialist

Job description

  • Christchurch location
  • Assist our worldwide technical staff with complex customer problems
  • Unleash your design flair

ARANZ Geo specialises in the interpretation and visualisation of geoscience information. As the global provider of world leading software and consultancy services to the Mining, Civil Engineering and Energy sectors, our head office resides in Christchurch, New Zealand. With teams in several countries around the globe, we are supporting our customers through innovative technology to speed up solutions, overcome problems and obtain long-term business goals.

We are looking for an experienced geologist to help us build our awesome desktop, enterprise and cloud geology products like Leapfrog Geo www.leapfrog3d.com. This is a permanent full-time Christchurch-based role.

Working as an Application Specialist in our development team you will:

  • Become an expert in our 3D geological modelling software
  • Be exposed to geology projects from all over the world
  • Assist our worldwide technical staff with complex customer problems
  • Train others to use our products
  • Test new features in our products
  • Have a significant input into how our software works

We will encourage you to:

  • Use and develop your geological knowledge
  • Be detail-oriented and champion the cause of great software
  • Put your computer skills to use
  • Learn what it is like to be part of an effective team
  • Unleash your design flair

ARANZ Geo Culture

How many geologist does it take to change a light bulb? …… we are not sure of the answer either, but we do know that it takes a special mix of individuals across a range of specialities to make cool and innovative software.

So what exactly make our people so special? Well we think we have got the secret recipe ….

Take a scoop of passion, a dose of technical talent, a truck load of enthusiasm to tackle gnarly problems, mixed with a huge amount of collaboration and banter.

Throw in several shots of real coffee, a range of outside interests including surfing, rock licking, mountain biking and running, and maybe a Star Wars movie or two. Let it rest and enjoy the talent.

Then bake for a while in an inviting environment that is supportive, multi-cultural and challenging.

Finally, season with some BBQ lunches, craft beer and fresh fruit.

Serving our clients, a hot and fresh product that is world class and hits the sweet spot!

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